OSA SnowFlex Excursion

Lynchburg College Office of Student Activities recently provided students with the opportunity to go off campus to the Snow flex Center. Located at Liberty Mountain, the SnowFlex center offers individuals with the chance to ski, snowboard, and tube year-round due to it’s use of synthetic material which reacts like snow. The OSA trip had around fifteen people in all, most of which had never tried snow sports before.

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Office of Student Activities’ Sarah Bias said in reference to the trip, “I think the people that went had a personal experience because they tried something new, which was cool for them.”

Of the individuals that attended the trip, many siezed the opportunity to try snowboarding for the first time.

First time snowboarder Sarah Irby said on her experience, “I stood for 20 minutes before my mom convinced me to try it. I thought it was cool, and I should probably go more often to get better.”

Video of Sarah Irby and Jasmine Brodgen’s attempt below.

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Written by A.C. Huff

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