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Food Policy Protest at Turkle Hill

Students prepare to stage protest for unhealthy food policies in Turkle Hill dormitory on Friday, June 31.

Turkle Hill resident said on the matter, “The menu in that dorm is just meat, meat, meat.”

According to Dover, Turkle’s 200 residents were fed more than 160, 000 hamburgers last year while eating just 1,000 pounds of carrots. This averages out to one carrot being eaten per 160 burgers.

The event begins at noon on Friday, June 31, outside Turkle Hill cafeteria.

Homework Challenges

For many students, finding a way to finish their homework within a certain time frame at a higher standard can be challenging.

Stephen Dawson, assistant religion and philosophy professor, said, “[Students believe] everything can be done in a relatively compressed amount of time.”

Other professors said they agree that student procrastination and incomplete assignments undermine student’s potential. Some professors said they believe students should take care to utilize their resources more frequently.

Ashley Thompson, assistant professor of sociology, said, “I’ve always gone by the standard one hour of class should equal three hours of work outside of class.”

Some of the students tend to agree with the professors.

Sophomore Kelly Holland said, “You come to class prepared. They don’t spoon feed you.”

“They expect us to do things without being told.” said sophomore Jordan Seeley, “They expect us to get help from other places behind them.”

Above all, professors said they want to see students succeed and enjoy their studies.

Alumni Donations

Lynchburg College’s seniors are asked to donate to school after graduation through the pledge campaign. The campaign has combined the efforts of the Alumni Office, Annual Fund, and SERVE office on campus.

Senior Class President Melissa Richards said, “This change was made in an effort to increase senior participation in these campaigns.”

According to Richards, thus far, the graduating class has generated more support than usual for the fund. Out of the 499 graduates, over 100 signatures have been collected.

Bethany White, a senior participating in the campaign, said that she, “is eager to give back to the LC community and future students.”

The money collected by the Annual Fund from the pledge directly benefits the school, helping fund scholarships, equipment, and materials for campus.

Click to find out more about the annual fund.


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