Southern Music Weekend Getaway

Not far away from the Lynchburg college campus, Americana and bluegrass music is easy to find. While there are many local places, among the most popular is Floyd Country Store in Floyd, Virginia. Located just over two hours away, the store encompasses a variety of platforms for people to enjoy a southern style of music. You can browse a selection of rare c-ds, or listen to bands play live during events like Friday Night Jamborees. This place (as well as other local locations along the ‘Crooked Road’) has become a local hotspot, and has been featured in the New York Times.


Morgan Wade Band live at the Floyd Country Store. Photo : Andra Blatt.

Morgan Wade (21), a local musician who’s played live at the Country store said, “This store has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Every Friday night I would come listen to music for hours with my grandparents. It has a special feeling it gives me when I walk inside.”

She then goes on to say what makes the venue special, “It’s a small stage built for acoustic instruments, and there is no alcohol served there, so that makes a difference in the crowd. The crowd that is there is very interactive and they are there specifically to listen.”

For many young individuals, blue grass seems hard to appreciate and seems targeted towards older generation. However, this is what makes the Country Store unique in its musical acts, because you can listen to someone your age playing an eccentric genre of music.

Other colleges have stops along the Crooked Road (such as Rocky Mount’s Ferum and Blacksburg’s VT), , but Floyd is the closest location to Lynchburg. Admission to Friday night jamboree is five dollars, first come first served.

Click to see the schedule for Friday Night Jamboree.

Follow the Floyd Country store’s Facebook for live updates.



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