Black Out for WhiteOut

Repurposed by A.C. Huff 4-12-2016

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Winter Storm Jonas cancelled Friday and Monday classes at Lynchburg College, extending the weekend for college students. Some students utilized their newly found free time to drink and party, despite freezing temperatures, as well as a foot of snow.

Kelsey Dowling said that she and fellow junior Kelly McCarthy, wanted to have snacks for the storm, so they went to the grocery store “to stock up on two twelve packs of beer, some wine, liquor and cookie dough.”

This was among many accounts of the activities that went on during the students’ extra long weekend.

“Heels and snow don’t go together,” Hannah Myers, On-Call Montgomery Hall Director during the snowstorm, said after she noticed many residents brave the freezing temperatures in party attire while she was on rounds with security.

Many students had dreaded returning to school that Monday. Due to the college’s late announcement of Monday’s closure at 7:45 p.m., many students had thought it unlikely that classes would be cancelled.

Jason Dow, a junior at Lynchburg College, said, “I heard the buzzes of my phone announcing Monday’s cancellation, and mere moments later I heard celebratory yelling and screaming, including; ‘We’re drinking tonight!’”

Lynchburg College resumed classes on Tuesday with a condensed schedule.

Click here for information on the dangers & statistics of college drinking (as provided by the NIAAA).

 Original Writers: Charlotte Galamb, Katherine Graves,  Jasmyn West, A.C. Huff

Chapter One: Exercise Three

1. Focus of the Story:
I think that the primary focus of the article
 is to announce the making of the movie for 
the Black Panther character (for those who 
didn't previously know), and to discuss how Coogler 
will do as the director. There is 
great pressure/expectations for the (directing) position
 because this will be the first african 
american comic book 
character to get their own movie. 

2. What story forms were used 
to tell the story:
The story forms is through promotion and 
analysis. How will he do as the director? 
What expectations will he have to fill? 
How will it compare to the comic? When will 
the movie be released?
There was of the article, three different 
video links, a comment section below that 
all added emphasis to the questions they 
were answering to tell the story.

3. What was the focus of each story form
 and how did each 
contribute to the overall goals of the piece?
The focus of the article was to discuss the 
director being chosen, the video to provide 
context and detail, and the comment section 
was for further analysis/speculation for 
the possible future outcomes. 

4. Was the presentation effective? 
Why/Why not?
I think the way that the videos emphasized
 the details in the article, and were spaced
 throughout definitely made it a more solid 
presentation to follow. It did the greatest
 thing that an article can do: allowed us 
to have the information possible to form 
our own opinion (which we would then put 
in the comment box below).

5. Was the design and navigational structure 
easy to follow? Why or why not?
It was easy to follow, but having an 
advertisement right at the end of the article
 was a little distracting. I liked that the most
 popular articles stayed on the left, regardless of
 scrolling, and that the share button was at the 
top of the article. 

6. Was the package engaging? Why/Why not?
Having the ability to watch video to further 
explore the information/ analysis of the 
article was definitely engaging. Also 
having the comment space to read what 
other people's opinions was a strength 
as well, because it could provide more 
information that the article may have not had. 

7. What were the strengths of the package?
The general layout (the article being in the 
center/ads and other off to the side), having
 the share button up at the top. Having a 
comment section, having videos to click on 
(which lets you choose how much you want to
 be invested and how much time you wish to spend).

8. What was the weakness of the package?
The fact that the ad interrupted the flow 
from the article to the comment section 
really bothered me. It should have been placed 
elsewhere, and more links would have been 
nice to provide more context.

9. Did the piece leave you satisfied? 
Confused? Wanting more?
It made me want more, to anticipate the 
Black Panther's release, to look up more 
about Coogler on my own. I definitely think
 there should be a link to more information on him.

10. What is one significant concept 
you learned from this package?
That videos can provide so much more to 
the story, and take place of having a 
longer article. 
Also that providing background information
 through links is something that a 
lot of online articles lack.

Read the article for yourself at IGN's website